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Does Everyone Get Hired?

Our goal is always to find the right fit for every job, which means we are selective in our hiring process. All of our hiring decisions are based on a variety of factors, including: skillset, work history, career goals and cultural fit. When we are able to place the right candidate in the right company everyone wins. This means not everyone will get placed, but you can be assured we will work hard to find qualified candidates roles they will excel in!

How can I get free training from Manpower?

powerYOU, Manpower’s free training platform is available free of charge to Manpower associates. Click on the link below to register and get started learning a new skill or brushing up an old one!


How soon can I start?

Working for Manpower starts with our application process – and you can begin that right away! Apply at https://hrcenter.ontempworks.com/en/ManpowerNM and select your desired work location(s). After your profile is 100% complete, call your local Manpower office to follow up. Most positions require personal interviews, background checks and drug testing.

What are the pay ranges?

Our pay rates are very competitive for the geographic area in which the open positions are located. Pay is dependent upon many factors, including: skill level required, client pay scales, and candidate experience.

What types of jobs do you hire for?

We place in a wide variety of fields from professional to more traditional temporary positions at premier companies across the region.



Our professional team handles all levels of engineering, project & program management, marketing, purchasing & logistics, human resources, legal, IT, technicians, finance, technical writing, and scientific positions, to name a few.



Our traditional recruiters handle a range of positions, including administrative, technical, healthcare, light industrial, skilled trades, and general labor.


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